Where Are They Now?

Name: Anastasia Marie Wroblewski 

Elementary School:  St. Ambrose School

Year won:  2004

Essay about African American:  Regina Jackson – member of Camp Fire USA club, wrote proposals to fund inner-city day camps and summer enrichment program, Vice President for Youth Leadership, Young Entrepreneur

Goal:  To do well in high school, earn the WOHELO Award, and go to college (WoHeLo is an anagram for the words Work, Health, and Love)

Where are they now?: 

Graduated from Bishop McNamara High School

Graduated with a BA in Sociology from St. Bonaventure University volunteered as an EMT at the local fire dept while on campus experience gave me a huge insight into the disparities of the healthcare system found people really needed help navigating their healthcarefound people needed support to navigate life in general

Returned home – attended University of Maryland, Baltimoreearned a Masters in Social Work with a Clinical Concentration

Currently work in the affordable housing industry work to ensure that residents in affordable housing have access to community and resources they may need to be successful while navigating the high cost and demanding lifestyle of the greater DC community feel it is very meaningful work. 


Have a beautiful family: my husband and 3 children. 


I often think about Regina, who was the central figure of my essay. Losing her was tough but now she is an angel. 


Thank you, Anastasia Wroblewski, for sharing your information with The Lucinda L. Jasper Scholarship Committee.