Thirty Years of Awarding Scholarships

It was thirty years ago, 1993, when Richard Jasper decided to start a scholarship in his mother’s name, Lucinda L. Jasper.

But here’s the rest of the story….

One evening not long after the funeral of Mrs. Lucinda L. Jasper, family and friends had gathered to encourage and support each other.  While sitting in the living room of Denise’s home, Lucinda’s middle daughter, a discussion ensued as to what to do with the monies/renumerations/contributions/donations received by the family from friends, colleagues, students, neighbors, associates, and others.  As everyone was pondering the thought, Charmene Alston, who was a dear friend of the family and aunt to Denise’s children, spoke up and suggested the family start a scholarship in their mother’s name.  Richard jumped at the idea and the funds received by the family were used to start The Lucinda L. Jasper Scholarship.

Richard proceeded to establish the scholarship. The first two scholarships were awarded to students at St. Anthony School that same year.  St. Anthony School was the school at which Mrs. Jasper was teaching when she died.  Prior to Richard’s death in 1995, Richard expanded the scholarship competition to include all elementary schools within the Archdiocese of Washington D.C.

Richard decided to make it for elementary students in Catholic schools. Why?  Mrs. Lucinda L. Jasper had been an elementary school teacher in public, parochial and schools on military bases and had spent over thirty-five years in Catholic schools (Teaching at parochial schools in the DC area). Richard also started the scholarship to honor his mother, Lucinda L. Jasper, in the way she had raised her children, to honor God, love family and friends, and value a good education.

Besides the personal donations received from past students, friends, colleagues, and family contributions and anonymous donors, Richard discovered other means to fund annually the scholarships for the students from Catholic elementary schools. Richard found out about the Combined Federal Campaign in 1994 and decided to apply to the Combined Federal Campaign in that same year.  Through the Combined Federal Campaign another avenue was found to fund the scholarship.  In 2016 the members of the Committee and Board of Directors applied for the DC One Fund and the Maryland Charity Campaign as another means to add to the scholarship fund.  

With the sound foundation Richard began in 1993 the scholarship has continued not only in increasing the amount of the scholarships but reaching out to other sources to fund the scholarship, D. C. One Fund and Maryland Charity Campaign.


To celebrate 30 years of awarding scholarships to students within the Archdiocese of Washington D.C. we, the Committee and Board of Directors, have decided to recognize, acknowledge, and honor our past recipients. We have on The Lucinda L. Jasper Scholarship website a page titled Where Are They Now? On that page you will see past recipients. Starting this year, in February of 2023,  a past recipient was and will be featured each month, first on Facebook  and then posted the scholarship website. 

The past recipients are an inspiration to other students and the PRIDE AND JOY of The Lucinda L. Jasper Scholarship Fund, Inc..


The other phase to celebrate 30 years of awarding scholarships, the members of the Board of Directors and Committee have decided to increase the amount of the scholarships awarded each year. The scholarship awards for first place shall increase from $3000.00 to $4000.00 and for second place shall increase from $2000.00 to $3000.00.  These amounts will be awarded this upcoming schoolyear.

The 2024 Lucinda L. Jasper Scholarship Competition shall begin officially on January 16, 2024. Please check the website, church bulletins, and Catholic Standard for announcements.

To Our Contributors

We are grateful to all who have contributed, are contributing, and will contribute to the scholarship. The donation you give, gave, and will give is STILL GIVING through the recipients of the scholarship!!!

To see past recipients visit out past recipient page.

To see what our past recipients are doing now visit Where Are They Now.

To every contributor, GOD BLESS YOU!!!