Lucinda L. Jasper Scholarship Fund

The application period will begin January 20, 2021. Applicants are responsible for ensuring that each component of their application is uploaded below by March 31, 2021. No exceptions will be made and only complete applications will be considered. Please look below to download a digital copy of the application. If you encounter difficulties downloading the application email the Scholarship Committee at Email.

Below are the forms you will need to complete your application. Download the best format (PDF or Word) for you and fill out the form. Upload all forms in the space below. All forms must include the student’s full name and be complete.

Click below to download the 2021 Application Form

PDF: LLJSF-Application-Form-2021

Word: LLJSF-Application-Form-2021

Click below to download the 2021 Teacher’s Recommendation Form

PDF: LLJSF-Teacher-Recommendation-Form-2021

Word: LLJSF-Teacher-Recommendation-Form-2021

Click below to download the 2021 School Report Form

PDF: LLJSF-School-Report-Form-2021

Word: LLJSF-School-Report-Form-2021


A complete application consists of (1) an essay, (2) a teacher recommendation, (3) a school report, and (4) an application form. The teacher recommendation must be submitted by a teacher familiar with the student’s capabilities; the school report must be completed by the student’s current principal.

Please refer to the Essay Requirements page on this website for more information about what must be included in an applicant’s essay as well as some tips to consider before beginning the application process.

The Application form must be uploaded below.

Teachers and Principal please login in here to upload the Teacher Recommendation form and the School Report forms.