Lucinda L. Jasper Scholarship Fund

For over two decades family, friends, and donors have continued to honor the wishes of Richard Jasper and the heritage his mother, Lucinda L. Jasper, left her children and grandchildren, love of God and family and acquire a good education.

Lucinda L. Jasper also fostered that concept with all the children she taught. Lucinda L. Jasper  is remembered by her students and family for not only for being an excellent teacher of the Catholic school curriculum, but of how an individual should act within their family, church, and society, the courtesies of life and appreciation of the life one has and can attain through a good education.

The scholarship provides a platform for students to express their appreciation of individuals around them that have influenced their lives. In the essays submitted students provide an in depth look at themselves and the person who has had an impact on their life and future.

Thanks to Richard Jasper the ideals of his mother, Lucinda L. Jasper, remain alive – God, family, education.

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